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Facebook Advertising Strategy Hacks

Facebook Advertising Strategy Hacks

Facebook advertising is in demand! Having a solid foundation for strategy is a highly-sought skill that can and should be expanded to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

Documentation on the basics of Facebook advertising (how to create a business page, how to choose an image, etc.) is easily found around the Internet. What's much more scarcely available, however, is accessible, easy-to-understand strategy. By the end of this Lab, students will be able to differentiate and apply relevant advertising objectives, copywriting and creative strategy, as well as audience targeting best practices. The goal for this Lab is to help break down the digital advertising literacy barrier present in many small businesses and individuals, so that these parties can effectively compete against big companies that can afford to hire experts and pay for countless advertising tests.

Taught by Jenny Lee

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Podcasting! Adobe Audition for Beginners/Prototyping Apps with Adobe Xd

Podcasting! Adobe Audition for Beginners [5:30-6:15]

Students will be able to upload or record audio directly into Audition and perform basic editing and add multi-track effects.

Audio editing can be used to enhance a video, create a podcast, or even used in a qualitative research project. Understanding audio editing will enhance your media skill set and can be applied to many media and communications careers.

*Break and class switch from 6:15-6:30

Prototyping Apps with Adobe Xd [6:30-7:15]

Students will design a basic working application with a splash page and at least two interactive layers.

Build presentations, app, and web designs. Add user interface design, user experience design, and digital prototyping to your resume.

Taught by Kristi Pelzel

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