Car Barn Academy is a series of workshops led by current students and alumni. The aim of these workshops are threefold:

  1. To provide students with a showcase-able skill and/or deliverable that they can add to their portfolio.

  2. To empower current students and alumni; we all have talents and skills worth sharing with our peers.

  3. Provide a safe, collaborative, and interactive atmosphere in which to freely exchange ideas and learn as a group.

A special thanks to the Gelardin Center for New Media and the Center For New Designs in Learning and Scholarship for the support that they provide.


Caitlin Bowers


Caitlin is a first-year graduate student with CCT and works as the Studio & Technology Manager for the program. Her studies investigate the intersections between the Arts, Technology, and Cultural Heritage. She loves spending time in museums and archives, learning French, and dancing. In the future Caitlin aims to work for UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage sector.


Hélène Lerno


Hélène (pronounced "L N”) is a first-year graduate student with CCT. She works for the CCT program as the Office & Technology Manager and her academic interests involve Sustainability, Consulting, and International Business. She has also recently been researching food’s environmental impact. Organizing is her specialty while knitting is her outlet. Hailing from Brussels, Belgium she speaks English, French, and Dutch.